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Our Range of

Financial Planning Services

With over 20 years of financial planning experience, you can count on Damian to help you achieve your financial goals for the future. We can help you plan your retirement, generate wealth, reduce your expenses and more. 

Damian was previously an adviser with QInvest and has been looking after QSuper members (now known as Australian Retirement Trust) and their families for the last 10 years. Damian is a Queensland Government specialist who can provide advice across various superannuation schemes including Defined Benefit, Public Sector and accumulation accounts with both government and industry funds.

Find out about our range of financial planning services below.

Superannuation Planning and Accumulation

Fry’s Financial Strategies provides tailored strategies to help you accumulate, manage and grow your superannuation. 

We can provide advice on contribution strategies, investment options within superannuation funds, and asset allocation to balance risk and return. 

We also ensure clients make the most of available tax benefits and incentives as well as contribution limits. 
We can help you reduce your PAYG taxes and build your super to provide more flexibility around retirement.

Retirement Planning

Fry’s Financial Strategies provides first-class retirement planning services for current and prospective retirees. We can provide advice around matters such as:

  • Superannuation contributions
  • Personal investments to increase retirement income 

Upon retirement, we will help you convert your superannuation into suitable income streams based on your circumstances. We also help you make the most out of possible Centrelink entitlements so that you have the funds to spend doing the things that you love. We can help you achieve benefits such as:

  • Tax-free income streams  and investment earnings
  • Assessing and maximising any Centrelink entitlements
  • The ability to make lump sum withdrawals for purchases like new cars, home renovations or overseas travel.

Investments and Wealth Creation

Building your wealth outside of superannuation through investments provides flexibility around retirement dates and access to funds before you retire. Fry’s Financial Strategies monitors market trends and conducts thorough research to identify suitable investment opportunities for our clients.

We help you understand the potential risks and returns associated with different investment options and help you make decisions that align with your values and long-term financial goals. We’ll help you build your wealth to overcome inflation and provide you with suitable strategies to achieve a prosperous retirement.

Personal Insurance

Fry’s Financial Strategies offers guidance on personal insurance tailored to your personal health and financial situation to help protect you and your loved ones against unforeseen events. We can advise on adequate levels and types of personal insurance, choosing insurance providers and how to structure premium payments. We can help you attain cover in the event of death, disability or serious illness to help pay out debts, for medical treatment, or for loss of income if unable to work.

Social Security and Centrelink Benefits

We provide strategies to assist with becoming eligible for possible Centrelink entitlements such as concession cards, allowances, and age pension. We can help you attain a regular income stream to supplement your superannuation payments as well as discounts on things such as medical costs and everyday expenses like rates and electricity.

The Benefits of Choosing Fry’s Financial Strategies

We pride ourselves on delivering quality service that gives you value for money. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Fry’s Financial Strategies to help you plan your financial future:

Competitive Pricing & Flexibility

We keep our prices for our services in line with standards for the market and the industry, helping you get value for your money every time. We tailor our fees according to the needs of our clients and offer various payment methods available for different circumstances.

Personalised Service

We are dedicated to providing a personalised service for each of our clients. Excellent customer service is a foundational part of the Fry Financial Strategies experience. We always put the best interests of our clients first.

Boost Your Super Balance with Tax Effective Strategies

We show you ways on how to make your superannuation work harder and smarter for you by considering various strategies such as salary sacrificing, using the carry forward provisions, spouse contribution splitting and taking advantage of government incentives and the contribution limits available.

Save Money and Grow Your Assets

We encourage our clients to take a diversified approach by not investing all your eggs in one basket. We help you build a suitable investment portfolio which is in line with your risk appetite and risk tolerance.

Improve Your Financial Well Being

Having peace of mind about your situation is paramount. We provide education and explain our financial planning concepts in a simple manner to help to make more informed decisions..

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