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Welcome to Fry’s Financial Strategies, where expertise and customer care meets success! With over 20 years of industry experience, you can count on Damian to help you achieve financial security and freedom. Damian specialises in guiding people and families through the complex world of financial planning. Our team is dedicated to providing personalised services that empower you to make informed decisions and build a secure future for you and your loved ones.


Your Flight to Financial Success

Taking Off Towards Your Goals

At Fry’s Financial Strategies, we believe that financial planning is like taking flight. Just like a pilot carefully plans the journey towards your destination, we help you chart a course towards achieving your financial goals. Whether you’re planning for retirement, building wealth, or navigating life’s challenges, we provide comprehensive strategies and solutions tailored to your needs. Learn more about our range of financial planning services below.


Retirement Planning 

Superannuation Planning and

Investments and Wealth Creation

Social Security and

Estate Planning


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Damian Fry

Guided by Experience and Expertise

The team at Fry’s Financial Strategies is led by Damian Fry, a seasoned financial adviser with a passion for helping clients succeed. Our team is committed to your financial well-being. With extensive knowledge in retirement planning, superannuation, investments, and insurance, we help give you the confidence to make decisions to secure your financial future.

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Your Journey to Financial Freedom

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Our Financial Planning Process

Navigating Your Financial Journey

At Fry’s Financial Strategies, we understand that every financial journey is unique. That’s why we follow
a personalized process designed to help you navigate yourself towards financial success.

STEP 1: Takeoff
- Initial Consultation

Just like a plane preparing for take-off, our journey together begins with an initial consultation. We’ll sit down together, discuss your goals, and assess your current financial situation. This phase is all about gathering information and understanding your specific needs and aspirations.

STEP 2: Cruising Altitude
- Planning and Strategy

Once we have a clear understanding of your goals, we’ll chart a course and develop a tailored financial plan. Think of it like reaching a comfortable cruising altitude. We’ll analyse your superannuation, retirement goals, investments, and risk tolerance to create comprehensive strategies that aligns with your aspirations.

STEP 3: Smooth Flight
- Implementation and Monitoring

With the flight plan in place, we keep a close eye on your investments, make required adjustments, and provide ongoing guidance and support. Our goal is to ensure smooth flight for your financial journey, making any necessary course corrections along the way.

STEP 4: Landing
- Review and Adjust

As you approach your destination, it’s time for us to help you enjoy a safe landing. We’ll review your progress, evaluate the performance of your investments, and make any necessary adjustments to keep you on track. Our focus is on ensuring a safe and successful landing as you transition into retirement or reach your financial goals.

STEP 5: Destination
- Financial Freedom

Touch down! Once you’ve reached your destination, it’s time to disembark and enjoy the fruits of your financial freedom. Whether you’re looking to spend more time with your loved ones, take up a new hobby, or go on that holiday you’ve been thinking about for years, you can rest assured that your financial future is now safe and secure.

Arrive at Your Financial Destination
With Fry’s Financial Strategies

With Fry’s Financial strategies as your financial wingman, you can enjoy a smooth journey towards financial freedom. Let us guide you through any challenges, help you avoid turbulence, and ensure a successful landing. Contact us today to embark on your financial journey and experience the difference of working with a team that understands the skies of financial planning.

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